[texworks] Script: QtWebKit Module - "bridge JavaScript ... Qt object model " (branched from Questions about the API)

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Wed Apr 14 01:37:16 CEST 2010

I'm getting a bit hopeful here ...

>> AFAIK, Qt can in principal display HTML (e.g. inside a label, text edit,
>> etc.). This is currently not exposed to the scripts. However, I don't
>> think it would be of much use as there is no easy way to communicate
>> with the html objects. So you could design a nice interface, but you
>> wouldn't get any of the user's input. But I'll have to look into this a
>> little more, maybe there is a way.

>I had some idea there was some sort of Qt  HTML module mentioned once
>- but I know absolutely nothing about it - found this on a search

I can see how this could possibly give us a
          1. really good detailed internal help system for packages
and commands
             (in not having to rely on branding of users browser which
has been a major hassle)
             Even direct access to materials in the TeXLive or MiKTeX
folder trees.

          2. html user interfaces?
              Forms for filling out  infomaionon complex LaTeX (and
User made) commands
              for insertion in  editor wiindow

Does "A bridge between the JavaScript execution environment and the Qt
object model " below,
mean that a QTScript could invke the QTbrowser form, and then walk its DOM ?

Could a script inside a QTbrowser form page talk to the QTscript object and

        (i) set variables for the running QTScript?

       (ii) even better call functions directly in the QTScript API?


      "QtWebKit provides a Web browser engine that makes it easy to
embed content from
      the World Wide Web into your Qt application.

      "At the same time Web content can be enhanced with native controls.

      "QtWebKit provides facilities for rendering of HyperText Markup
Language (HTML),
      Extensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML) and Scalable Vector
Graphics (SVG) documents,
      styled using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and scripted with JavaScript.

This bit looks really exciting

    "A bridge between the JavaScript execution environment and the Qt
object model makes
    it possible for custom QObjects to be scripted.

   "Integration with the Qt networking module enables Web pages to be
transparently loaded from
   Web servers, the local file system or even the Qt resource system.


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