[texworks] 'No SyncTex data available', Xunbuntu 9.10, TeXWorks 0.3 ver 571

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Sat Apr 3 23:21:13 CEST 2010

Paul A Norman wrote:
> I'm currently setting up an Xunbuntu 9.10 box, using TeXWorks 0.3 ver
> 571 installed after adding ppa:texworks/ppa. (0.3.0~svn581~karmic1
> Stefan Löffler  (2010-04-02) )
> This document trial was done using the built in template for article
> with small safe modifications.
> When the typesetting has finished the document correctly shows in the
> preview pane and a message briefly appears in the preview frame's
> footer panel saying that there is 'No SyncTex data available', and so
> of course none of the 'Jump to ..' work
> Do I need to install something else or ...?
> Paul

check the path to your document. The sunctex feature does not seem to 
like non ascii chars in the path.

For example if I add the danish letter ø (which is non ascii) to the 
path to the file. Synctex fails.

This is a known issue.


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