[texworks] bug or feature?

Casey P. Johnson cpj at math.utah.edu
Thu Apr 1 15:18:24 CEST 2010

I agree on both points. The 'typing replaces selection' feature is handy.
I used XEmacs for years before I learned how to turn this feature on.
Endless frustration...

As for selecting text on click from pdf, I don't think I ever need the
entire line selected and an errant keystroke can cause a little headache.
I would prefer it to just place the cursor and then highlight without
selecting (much like it does when you click TO pdf) so that I can find the
cursor more quickly.


> Hi!
> david allen a écrit :
>> If one does a ctrl-click to get from pdf viewer to text edit and then
>> press
>> return, the selected line is deleted. It would seem to there should
>> never be
>> a delete unless one pushes the delete key (or a short cut for it).
> No!
> This is a normal behaviour: any selected text is replaced by what you
> type.
> This is handy if you want to replace a text by another, you have not to
> select the text, delete it and insert the new text.
> I think this is general in all text editor (I just checked different
> editors under Windows.)
> One thing which could be done is the move from the pdf to the source at
> the right place, but without selecting (highlighting) the text.
> Could other comment on this.
> Alain
>> I use Ubuntu.

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