[texworks] Scrip: Questions about the API

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Thu Mar 18 02:27:33 CET 2010

Dear Jonathan or Stefan,

Tremendous number of existing functions and a few properties. I though
the target.text porperty was a nice and useful surprise.
After I had  a look through the debugger, I was left wondering about
these things,

   1.  is there any way I can call something like
TW.app.showMessage('some text');  (like window.alert() in browsers) ?

   2.  And do we have any mechanism for QTScript object / variable
persistence between calls in same editor session?

   3. Can QTScript save text to a file on disk?
                (looks like an indirect flow could be
                        app.fileNew();  target.inserText();
target.saveAs();  target.close(); )

                         Helps JSON type persistence between sessions.

   4. Can I request input form the user in, and returned to,  QTScript -
         a) like an input dialogue box?  (window.input() in browsers)
         b) ok  - cancel, button box? (window.confirm() in browsers)

   5. Can a file dialog box be used and the result returned as a
string to script?

   6. a) Can I obtain the directory of the executable?
       b) Can I obtain the scripts directory?

I apologise if these things are in the API,  could you please point me to them?

Many thanks,

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