[texworks] pdf display issues

Benny Lautrup lautrup at nbi.dk
Tue Mar 16 07:14:07 CET 2010


There are two pdf-issues which seem to have been forgotten, so let me raise
them again:

1) Direct printing from the TeXworks pdf-display. 
It is included in the MikTeX Windows version r514, but as far as I know not
in any of the  subsequent versions. What was the reason for taking it out
again? Cross-platform problems?

2) Missing standard fonts are not displayed. 
This is a problem that in my context arises with Mathematica pdf-figures
which do not include the standard fonts actually used in the figures. I have
made a work-around which I sent to the list. But the issue remains. It has
been suggested that it may be a poppler problem. Can it be solved?

It would be an improvement if TeXworks' pdf-display could match Adobe's in
both respects. 


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