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Glad to see you progressing. Looks like you're almost there.

Am 2010-02-26 09:24, schrieb Benny Lautrup:
> I have now recompiled with all references removed to the TW-plugins in texworks.pro. Then I get the following error output which indicates that the error lies in KDE. Have I made an error in the installation of KDE? Or is KDE in error. I have installed the latest version.

Googling shows that the "undefined reference to `_Unwind_Resume'" and
"undefined reference to `__gxx_personality_v0'" errors suggest that the
following applies:
"Undefined references to internal run-time library functions, such as
|__gxx_personality_v0|, are also a symptom of linking C++ object files
with |gcc| instead of |g++|. Linking the same object file with |g++|
supplies all the necessary C++ libraries and will produce a working
executable: "

Since your command line shows that Tw is using g++, the problem must lie
somewhere else. Hence a few questions:
1) Did you choose "MinGW4" as compiler mode during the installation of
the KDE on Windows files?
2) If you have installed KDE on Windows multiple times: are you using
the correct one (you can usually check most easily by running "qmake
-version" from the command line)
3) Are you using gcc 4.x? (you can find out by running "g++ --version"
from the command line)

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