[texworks] graphics problem

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 10:05:30 CET 2010


Am 2010-02-24 09:01, schrieb Benny Lautrup:
> Try to recompile once more! Mine looks fine too at first go. It is at the
> second that I get the problem.

It seems to work OK on Linux. Could you attach a screenshot of the
garbled output?

> Yes. Adobe always shows the correct display. It is an error in the TeXworks
> previewer, not in the pdf file. The error continues into print, so it is not
> a pure display error, but an error in the representation of the page.

To me, this seems to be a problem with poppler (the PDF library) on Windows.

If you close Tw, reopen it, and load the .tex file again (which should
also bring up the output pdf), does it look right again?


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