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Vladimir Lomov lomov.vl at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 07:02:05 CET 2010

** delvi medina [2010-02-23 09:20:23 -0800]:

>  I need to type my project using Latex.  So, I download a free software.  When I wanted to download Latex, it said a protex is for windows, then I proceed.  Now, I am concerned because my profesor told me that I must use two colums to type my paper and with this textworks, pdflatex.  I couldn't figureout how to do it.  Could you plase tell me, How I can do it.

Sorry Delvi but this is wrong list. You should ask LaTeX/TeX related
questions on texhax list (see list of mailing lists on tug).

In short: much depends on what engine do you use: pdftex, pdflatex,
xetex, xelatex, luatex, lualatex.

When you will ask question in future (in this list or in texhax) provide
move information about you problem.

Concerning your question: I assume that you use pdflatex engine (pdfLaTeX
in TeXworks) and use article document class (your file begins with

So, if you want to typeset your document in two columns you need to
pass option 'twocolumn' into class file, like below

I advise you to use geometry package to control your document layout
(see package documentation).

Just for note:
 - protex is TeX distribution (like MikTeX and TeX Live).
 - TeXworks is just text editor (it helps you to edit files to be
   processed further by latex engine).
 - LaTeX is macro package built on top of (plain) tex.
 - latex, pdflatex, xelatex, lualatex these are engines which are used
   to produce either DVI or PDF file.

Don't fotget to read LaTeX manuals (see list on tug.org).

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