[texworks] Redefining shortcuts for Dvorak/Svorak keyboard (was: Re: Feature Request: Shortcut for Hard Wrap)

Benct Philip Jonsson bpj at melroch.se
Thu Feb 4 10:51:22 CET 2010

On 2010-02-03 Alain Delmotte wrote:
> It is always possible to redefine the shortcuts in a file 
> "shortcuts.ini" to be placed in the TeXworks resource 
> folder configuration subfolder (manual section 6.1). 

I hadn't noticed this before.  It provides a workaround
for the problem I asked about when I had started using TW:


> I use a Svorak (Swedish Dvorak) keyboard
> layout on Ubuntu.  TeXWorks doesn't seem to
> understand this, assuming QWERTY, so I have
> to type e.g. Ctrl-o to save.
> Is there a workaround?
> /BP

By creating a "shortcuts.ini" which maps e.g.

     actionFind = "Ctrl+Y" ; Svorak Ctrl+F

I can use Ctrl+F on the Svorak keyboard to open Find,
since [SD]vorak "F" is on the key where Qwerty "Y" is.
The menus will look all crazy, but I can use the right
mnemonics on the keyboard.  Instead I did some text editor
regex search-replace massage on a copy of my "shortcuts.ini"
and got a list of my shortcuts which I can keep handy
when using TW until I learn the non-obvious ones.

BTW I copied the "Actions listed by menus" list from the manual
and used it to create a template "shortcuts.ini" looking like

     ;**** Common ****
     ;actionNew = "Ctrl+"
     ;actionNew_from_Template = "Ctrl+"
     ;actionOpen = "Ctrl+"
     ;actionClose = "Ctrl+"
     ;actionQuit_TeXworks = "Ctrl+"
     ;actionPreferences = "Ctrl+"

Now to define a shortcut for a command I only need to
uncomment the right line and fill in the key combo I want.
I think that it would be a good idea if such a template
"shortcuts.ini" be distributed with TW.


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