[texworks] very reproducible crash

Jonathan Kew jfkthame at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 3 15:39:03 CET 2010

What system are you running on? If it's Mac OS X, see http://code.google.com/p/texworks/issues/detail?id=268.

This sounds like the same problem a couple other people have encountered; I suspect it is caused by an incompatibility with some other piece of software. Please try creating a new temporary user account with no extra utilities/extensions/etc installed, and see if it happens there.

Also, see the other notes in issue #268 about providing a crash report. This might help us identify the cause. This does not seem to be a problem that affects all users; it's dependent on some aspect of your configuration.

On 3 Feb 2010, at 13:08, Brandstaetter-Mueller Hannes Ernst wrote:

> Hi,
> I suppose it's been reported already, I just wanted to make sure:
> Whenever I try to move a window, especially the editor window, TeXworks crashes immediately.
> The 2 windows are automatically aligned next to each other.
> I am using the latest unstable release, 0.3 r.511
> Hannes

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