[texworks] Spell checking suggestion

Vladimir Lomov lomov.vl at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 06:49:02 CET 2010


I have suggestion concerning spell checking:
it would be nice if location of dictionaries could be set an runtime.

Why TW need this?
If on Linux user could compile TW from source and set the path to
dictionaries (not default one) at compilation time but
on Windows compilation is not easy for ordinary user.

Windows machines which I look after have OpenOffice installed with
Russian dictionary.
If TW for Windows was with hunspell support (I downloaded r511 from
TW google code page and didn't find any mention about hunspell in exe)
and have option in 'Preference' to choose dictionary path then Windows
users could use dictionaries from OpenOffice (I think that setting
Environment variable in Windows is rather tricky, this opinion comes
from talks with Windows-only users, but this is IMHO).

P.S. Is it possible simultaneous checking on several languages or this
question is not on TW side?.

<Kensey> RMS for President???
<RelDrgn> ...or ESR, he wants a new job ;)

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