[texworks] script parameters

Casey P. Johnson cpj at math.utah.edu
Sat Jan 30 00:28:03 CET 2010

I have posted an updated (much better, I think) version of latexErrors.js
to the comments under Issue 270. It builds on the one included by default.
The details are posted there.

The reason I am writing here is that one of the features that I have
implemented is a way for pdflatex to pass parameters to the script via the
\typeout command. In the case of latexErrors.js, this is used to adjust
which types of errors and warnings should be placed in the list.  This can
be changed throughout the document as is desired.

The question I have is, what is the general sentiment about such a
construction (passing parameters in this way)? Is it useful or just
feature creep? If it is useful, are there any ideas out there for
improving the implementation?

My motivations for beefing up the default script are mostly selfish; I
want it to work for me. But, if there are changes that can be made that
make it more interesting for others then I am happy to make them (if I
can) or to see them made by someone else.


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