[texworks] Using .ps/.eps figures with TexWorks

Vladimir Lomov lomov.vl at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 07:53:57 CET 2010

** Spencer Klein [2010-01-27 16:35:53 -0800]:

> Hi,

> Please forgive what is probably a stupid question.  I am a long-term 
> .tex user, trying to convert to TexWorks.  I have TexWorks 0.1, running 
> on a Windows XP.  I am trying to .tex a file containing .eps figures, 
> and keep getting the error message:

> Latex Error: Unknown graphics extension .eps.
TeXworks uses pdflatex so any images (preferably) should be in PDF
format. See epstopdf package or epstopdf tool (both exist on CTAN).

> This happens even with a file that ran perfectly on Miktex, and also on 
> the Cornell arXiv server:
> http://arxiv.org/abs/0901.1161

IMHO, on arxiv.org they use the same tool epstopdf (actually arxiv.org
uses special script which perform any essential convertions).

> The header reads:

> \documentclass[twocolumn,showpacs,preprintnumbers,amsmath,amssymb]{revtex4}

> \usepackage{graphicx}% Include figure files
> \usepackage{dcolumn}% Align table columns on decimal point
> \usepackage{bm}% bold math

> and the typical figure is included with

> \begin{figure}[tb]
> \includegraphics[width=6.3cm]{probrho_water.eps}
>   \caption{\label{rhoprobability} $\rho$ probability as a function of 
> depth in a slab
> for a $10^{23}$ eV photon incident on a water target.  The two broad 
> peaks around 20 and 40 cm
> correspond to $\Delta k L = 2n\pi$ at the $\rho$ pole mass.}
> \end{figure}
Never use extenstion! Just use filename, in your case use just

If you have image in eps and pdf format then depending on invoking
engine (latex or pdflatex) apropriate file will be inserted.

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