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Am 2010-01-20 11:34, schrieb Jan Öhman:
> I'm new on this program (LaTex), and wonder if I've found the right
> solution.

Welcome to the world of LaTeX :).

> (Don't know if this is the right place for my questions)

(technically, it is not, as this mailing list is primarily intended for
questions related to TeXworks, not for general LaTeX questions; but who
cares ;))

> My wish is:
> To automatically make a "dynamic" document, which is possible to print.
> My Problem:
> I would like to make an overview of a directory tree of approximately
> 100 directories.
> I can make a program that produces a text file that I can print,
> but I can't control either the font or color on the printed page.
> Can I use the "LaTeX" to do this?

Yes, in principle you can. LaTeX is very versatile and can be used for a
large variety of things. Primarily, however, it is intended for
(professional or at least professional-looking) typesetting of documents.
I don't know exactly what you want to use the directory tree for. If you
don't need any fancy stuff, the easier solution may be to produce an
HTML file. There you can also set fonts and colors (using style sheets),
they can quickly be viewed (directly), and they can be printed (even to
PDF if you have a pdf printer installed, which are available for free
for all major operating systems, AFAIK).

But of course I don't want you to discourage you to use LaTeX ;).

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