[texworks] Latex Errors script.

Casey P. Johnson cpj at math.utah.edu
Mon Jan 11 22:47:03 CET 2010

Hi, everybody.

On Mon Dec 21, James Crippen suggested renaming the "Latex Errors" script 
to "Latex warnings." I would actually like to see it go a step further. 
Errors and (perhaps) SEVERE warnings could be handled by latexErrors.js 
and a separate file (latexWarnings.js) would handle everything else.

Personally, during most of the writing process I am supremely unconcerned 
about errors like "Marginpar moved" or even "Overfull \hbox." These are 
more important once the text is finished and the layout just needs 

I have separated these on my own machine, and I vastly prefer it because 
my error list doesn't get gunked up with warnings that I don't care about.
It would certainly be easier on me if this separation were standard. What 
do others think?

Perhaps at some point the UI (manage scripts) could have the ability to 
selectively turn on/off the "Latex warnings" tab entirely?

Incidentally, "latexErrors.js" as implemented does not detect 
Windows-style paths (at least, not on my machines). In case anybody else 
using Windows would like this functionality, I have uploaded a version in 
Issue 270 that does this. As I don't currently run TeXWorks on any 
non-Windows systems, I can't guarantee that it works there, but I think I 
have the code right.

Casey Johnson

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