[texworks] "Some Latex Information"

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 00:17:39 CET 2010

In answer to general musings...

This thing is scalable up or down in size - built modular - units can
be incorporated or removed for specific needs.


2010/1/11 Paul A Norman <paul.a.norman at gmail.com>:
> Dear TexWorks team,
> First my sincere apologies for the late availability of this - what we have now
> called "Some Latex Information", we have had some extraordinary interruptions.
> It is being released under the GNU license, and we are making a "first look"
> available as a non-public pre-release for the authors and writers whose material
> is presented, and the TexWorks team. While we are in pre-release phase we have
> 'no-robot-ed' and given the directory very basic password protection
> (case sensitive).
>         here:
>               http://latex.paulanorman.com
>        user:
>              guest
>        password:
>              pre-View_1
> Please do feel free to share this information with anyone who you believe would
> appreciate being informed about this, at this stage of the project.
> If you see something that you wish updated, or have something else
> that you believe
> we should include, or have a better html version of something that we
> are using,
> please do get back to us.
> Paul A. Norman & Michael F.V. To'o

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