[texworks] QT-Script support broken?

Peter Wüsten peter.wuesten at gmx.de
Sun Jan 10 12:17:22 CET 2010

Jonathan, Stefan,

thanks for the explanations on what happened, and why - this is a good 
move, indeed. I'm now at r.539 and have updated my scripts, and 
everything works smoothly again :-)

Jonathan, I love your Babel-hook-script; it's a very clever and elegant 



Jonathan Kew wrote:
>> Neither of these. What has happened is that the name of two variables
>> has changed:
>> target -> TWTarget
>> app -> TWApp

> Just to follow up on this - I have made these changes today, so the code now in the repository provides a single "TW" global to the script, with the three properties TW.target, TW.app, and TW.result (for scripts such as the LaTeX Errors hook that need to return a result to the application).

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