[texworks] Afrifkaans translation

Jannie Hofmeyr jhsh at sun.ac.za
Wed Dec 23 12:48:38 CET 2009

Dear Jonathan

As a Christmas present I attach TeXworks_af.ts, a complete Afrikaans 
translation for inclusion in the source.

I noticed a few things while doing the translation:

1. In the .ts file there is no English entry for "Manual" in the Help menu.

2. While the "Cancel" in the Replace Dialog is translated, the "Cancel" 
in the Find Dialog isn't.

3. In the .ts file there are no entries for "Restore Defaults" and 
"Cancel" in the all the tabs of the Preferences Dialog.

4. While the previews of the TeXworks dialogs in Qtlinguist show the 
underlined shortcut characters, they do not appear in the actual dialogs 
under TeXworks.

My best wishes for a great festive season and a prosperous 2010 to all 
TeXworks developers and users!

Jannie Hofmeyr
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