[texworks] texworks ubuntu package

Jelle Huisman jelle_huisman at sil.org
Fri Dec 18 10:52:02 CET 2009

On 18/12/2009 06:27, Stefan Löffler wrote:

Hi Stefan,

> You can't deny that TL (in general) is typically used with Tw.
> Furthermore, I wouldn't consider LaTeX as "not at all necessary". The
> problem is that Ubuntu (still) ships with an old version of TL.

For people who use plain TeX or the ConTeXt minimals distribution, LaTeX 
is in fact not necessary at all. And LaTeX users might have installed a 
more recent TL manually, rather than relying on what Ubuntu ships.

> On the other hand I could remove TL completely from the list of programs
> related to Tw. This could leave people who are fairly new to LaTeX/Tw
> with an essentially useless program (if they only install Tw without
> TL), however, without any possibility to easily see or fix the problem.
> This is what the recommendations are for, anyway.

I'm in favour of removing TL from the list. I think it's much better to 
educate new users so that they learn early on that "Tw is not (La)TeX". 
Just make sure there is an note somewhere that explains that Tw is just 
a front end (like Dick Koch does on the TeXshop website: 
http://www.uoregon.edu/~koch/texshop/obtaining.html ).

> So, I realize that there is a problem here, but I'm unsure as to how to
> fix it. Any suggestions anyone (in particular from those who maintain Tw
> elsewhere)?

I vote for removing the TL dependency by removing the TL recommendation.

My €0.02


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