[texworks] Compiling on windows with Mingw

Ignasi Furió ignasi.furio at uib.cat
Tue Dec 15 10:36:13 CET 2009

> I've come up with a new workaround now. If you create a file named
> "fixQtLibs.bat" containing the lines
> @echo off
> copy "%KDEPATH%\lib\libQtScript4.a" "%KDEPATH%\lib\libQtScript.a"
> copy "%KDEPATH%\lib\libQtScriptTools4.a"  
> "%KDEPATH%\lib\libQtScriptTools4.a"
> copy "%KDEPATH%\lib\libQtXml4.a" "%KDEPATH%\lib\libQtXml4.a"
> copy "%KDEPATH%\lib\libQtGui4.a" "%KDEPATH%\lib\libQtGui4.a"
> copy "%KDEPATH%\lib\libQtCore4.a" "%KDEPATH%\lib\libQtCore4.a"
> and add the line
> QMAKE_PRE_LINK = 'fixQtLibs.bat'
> to TeXworks.pro, things should work.

It worked. But be careful with wiki and delete 4 from destination names.

> BTW: I had to install the libpng package from KDE as well. Otherwise, Tw
> built fine, but when I ran it it complained about the missing png dll. I
> used a fairly virgin installation, though (in a Linux virtual machine
> ;)), so you may already have that dll available from elsewhere.

I've found some libpng.dll, libpng12.dll, libpng13.dll but they are not  
into the path. In any case my short tests didn't complain.



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