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thanks for the work around. 


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Im using texworks under Windows Vista Home Premium. 

File Simple.tex is taken from LaTeX Graphics Companion section 4.6. 

When I attempt to run it i get messenges ending in: 

! Undefined control sequence. 

<recently read> \c at lor@to at ps 

l.12 \ncline{A}{B} 


I can't relate this to the program.  Please help or stear me to a more appropriate site. 


I would imagine this is because you are using the pdfLaTeX command in TeXworks.  pstricks only works when output is directed to a postscript (.ps) file, not a pdf file.  This involves setting up a typesetting command that executes the following steps: 

  - Runs latex on your .tex file (instead of pdflatex) 

  - Runs dvips on the resulting .dvi file 

  - Runs ps2pdf on the resulting .ps file 

This will involve setting up three new commands in the TeXworks menu: 

  Preferences -> Typesetting 

You could probably reduce this to one command by writing a batch file/shell script that invokes each program in order. 

Personally, I would recommend sticking with pdfLaTeX and taking a look at the TikZ package which provides much of the functionality of pstricks without requiring that a certain version of the LaTeX compiler be used.  You can find some nice examples of TikZ output and usage at: 


Good luck! 

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