[texworks] Bugs: Key Shortcuts and Settings, LaTeX run not possible

Matthias Pospiech matthias.pospiech at gmx.de
Sat Dec 12 09:18:36 CET 2009

I found that there is a shortcut CTRL+"'" and CTRL+"/"
That might work on an english keyboard but is absolutely nonsense on a 
german Keyboard.
There it is "CTRL+SHIFT+#" and "CTRL+SHIFT+7" to achieve the same.

There is a dialog "settings->editor" but also a "format->fonts". Both 
set the same (editor fonts) with the difference that the latter does not 
save anything.
This is highly confusing!

What I do not understand is why latex (not pdflatex) is disabled. I 
personally could live without dvi-ps-pdf, but the scientific papers I 
write have to be submitted in this format,
since the publisher does not except pdflatex compatible latex files. So 
is there a reason why I can not select to run in latex only mode?


PS: I found not other way to submit bugs.

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