[texworks] Configuring Asymptote as a Texworks tool

Jannie Hofmeyr jhsh at sun.ac.za
Fri Nov 27 13:45:03 CET 2009

I have been using Texworks for some time now with great appreciation. 
Thanks Jonathan, Stefan and others!

I am trying to configure Texworks to use Asymptote as a tool (under 
Windows XP). The command should be

  asy.exe -batchView -tex pdflatex filename

which works fine when I run it from the command line.

My current configuration (from tools.ini) is:

arguments=-batchView, "-tex pdflatex", %fullname

The path has been set in Texworks preferences as C:/Program Files/Asymptote

The error message is:

  asy: unknown option -- tex pdflatex

I have also tried inserting a = sign as in:

  arguments=-batchView, "-tex=pdflatex", %fullname

but then I get error:

  error: could not load module '%fullname'

Has anyone had succes in configuring Asymptote as a tool? If not, can 
anyone give advice?


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