[texworks] Progress Report - an integrated LaTeX reference

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 01:36:01 CET 2009

Dear Jonathan,

Progress Report:

We have been pressing in to prepare " an integrated LaTeX reference " (AILR ?).
I am hoping to get it ready this weekend for download and preview as a
"first look" for comments and suggestions.

The main progress points to date are:

1. we've been able to integrate an in the browser  basic note taking
/annotation mechanism to help people keep track of references and
information that they find accross the collection.

2. Distinctive graphics to help people remember which document they
saw something in - courtesy of Mr. Michael Fa'amoana Vala'auafea To'o.

3. click through simple searching across the integrated references'
t.o.c.s. and some indices.

4. Firefox, IE, and Chrome working ok on all main features.

5. a) separation of distinct JavaScript files for handling for
material produced by a) TeX4ht, b) hevea, c) pdftohtml, d) manually.

    b) Started on instructions on how to include other material

The references we have linked together so far are listed below.  I am
thinking also of the ifthen and related logic packages, and
information on embedding video - 3d.

For what I'm aiming to do this weekend, If you can think of anything
importantly useful that should go into the initial version, please get
back to me --
-- In case I am, not seeing "the trees for the forest" at the moment :)

Paul A Norman
paul.a.norman at gmail.com

 Intro for Word Processor users
 Nasa Guide
 UK Faq
 Offline version of Visual FAQ
 Latex Wiki Book
 Not so Short Introduction
 Begin LaTeX Flynnn
 offline  - CTAN Packages inventory
 Geometry Pkg
 Importing Graphics  (epslatex)
 Font Catalogue
 Font Selection
 Font Naming
{ problematic - Fontspec (possibly as a SWF?) - can't render html out
of it even with pdftohtml  have discussed this with author }
 TikZ & PGF
 LaTeX Drawing - Jpgfdraw
 Brochure Newsapers Mags - flowfram
 and last but not least - Alain's TeXWorks (html) manual

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