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Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 14:46:18 CEST 2009


attached is the new German translation (w/r to 0.2.2; no script
translations yet). I made the following changes:

1) Used Thomas' version as base
2) Use "Regular Expression" everywhere (Thomas missed one or two instances)
3) "No recent search strings" -> "Keine zuletzt verwendeten
Suchausdrücke" (supported by Peter)
4) "Fit to Width" -> "An Fensterbreite anpassen", "Fit to Window" -> "An
Fenstergröße anpassen" (was inconsistent)
5) Kept the space in front of "..." (for no particular reason ;))
6) "Tile" -> "Kacheln" (as per past discussions)
7) "&Wrap around" -> "Am &Anfang fortfahren"
8) "Subset" ->"teilweise" (it means that only a part of the font is
9) irrelevant
10) "When launched, show" -> "Nach dem Start anzeigen" (sounds better to me)
11) "Editor defaults" -> "Standard-Editoreinstellungen" (supported by Peter)
12) "Auto-hide output panel unless errors occur" -> "Ausgabe verbergen,
wenn kein Fehler auftritt" (sounds better to me)
13) "Syntax coloring:" -> "Syntax-Hervorhebung:" (supported by Peter)
14) "About " -> "Über " (the program name is appended to it)
15) "Binary" -> "Programm" (Standard-Binary-Verzeichnis sounds weird to me)
16) I didn't add Thomas or Peter to the translators since I didn't want
to add any personal data without the consent of the respective person;
if you do want to be included, please add yourselves to the list or
write Jonathan so he can add you (on time for the release ;)).

17) "Hard Wrap" -> "Fester Zeilenumbruch"
18) "Encoding" -> "Zeichenkodierung"

I just thought it would be best to have some sort of complete
translation, rather than discuss it until it's too late. Hence I took
matters in my hands. If anyone has objections/ideas/comments, you still
have a few hours ;)

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