[texworks] Insert garphic

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Thu Oct 8 08:47:46 CEST 2009

Agree with both of you, but if  a topic -is- included in the program, I 
expect it to work consistently.

I did know about this graphics inclusion "facility" (and won't probably 
use it) but if it is there it should work!
For inclusion of a graphic I would not use a macro, but the 
auto-completion system (incg) which includes the whole structure.


Reinhard Kotucha a écrit :
> On 7 October 2009 Peter Hertel wrote:
>  > TeXworks is intented to lower the entrance barrier to TeX, but not to 
>  > make it another MS-Word.. Such specialized topics as including graphics 
>  > by pressing a button really distract from the strength of TeX or LaTex. 
>  > For including pictures into your documents you should write a macro 
>  > making use of the figure environment, label the figure and provide a 
>  > caption. In my opinion, one of the real advantages of TeX or LaTex is 
>  > its powerful and easy-to-lern macro language. It is a bad idea to shield 
>  > users from writing LaTeX macros. TeX or LaTeX is for literate 
>  > programmers of texts, not for quick hacks.
>  > Peter
> I agree with you, though I think that macro programming shouldn't be
> taught in the very first lesson.  It's more important that users
> learn quickly how LaTeX works and I'm sure that they recognize
> themselves quite fast that macros are useful.
> Another point is that I'm quite interested in similar behavior on all
> platforms.
> At the moment I'm working on a document class for students who are
> doing their diploma theses in our company.  The idea is to hide all
> the layout/encoding/font stuff in the class file so that they have to
> concentrate on the content of their work only.  I recently gave one of
> them the files l2kurz.pdf and amsldoc.pdf, asked him to read them, and
> to use a text editor.
> A few weeks later he gave me the files he prepared so far because none
> of them could be processed by TeX.  And indeed, everything was broken.
> There had been about 10 mistakes within a single formula (no, I'm not
> exaggerating).  It was easier to write the formulas from scratch than
> to repair them.
> I asked him whether he read the docs I proposed and, who, the hell,
> advised him to do such stupid things.  He said: "Oh, I thought it's
> easier to learn LaTeX with TeXnicCenter.  When I click on a button I
> can see what it produces."
> Actually, he just produced a heap of crap and learned nothing.
> Regards,
>   Reinhard

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