[texworks] latex-UK-TUG-FAQ help ver 0001

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 12:47:07 CEST 2009

Dear TeXWorks People,
I have uploaded a simillar help files system to the NASA one I did recently,
covering the Uk TUG Faq by Robin.  This can be called from a Lua development
TeXWorks editor or run as a stand alone.

I personally needed an offline searchable version of them, and so thought to
prepare it for here as well. Being off line means that
certain information can speedily be pre-loaded.

The Faq files are essentially untouched, but scripted externally so that
they have a local search facility on the wording ot the hyper links.

Allowing folders, unzip this   latex-UK-TUG-FAQ help ver 0001 - 2009 October
3th 11-17pm NZST.zip<http://paulanorman.com/delphi/latex-UK-TUG-FAQ%20help%20ver%200001%20-%202009%20October%203th%2011-17pm%20NZST.zip>
your <texworks binary folder>/ and move the Lua script into your
TeXWorks script folder.

Again this has been developed with TexWorks in mind, but it will work as a
stand alone, simply open <texworks binary
There being a full text search facility on the UK site, I have not
implemented full text searching client side as the memory overload may be
too high on the browser (although Google Chrome looks like it might handle
it - Mozilla based may be too slow).  If it is thought necessary it could be
done though.

As the Faq files are untouched, if their content is updated by Robin or you,
all that is required is for the new html files to be put in the html folder
of this help project (<texworks binary folder>/uk-tex-faq/html/).

Hope it is useful,
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