[texworks] latexmk engine with configuration file

Daniel Becker daniel.becker at uni-rostock.de
Thu Aug 13 10:09:08 CEST 2009

Hallo -

more feedback....:

1) I tried to add and engine for (pdf)latexmk. The settings in the  
screenshot work as expected. But I am not able to add the option that  
loads a configuration file. On the command line, it would be
latexmk -pdf -r ~/Library/TeXworks/pdflatexmkrc /path/to/doc/report.tex

However, just adding

-r ~/Library/TeXworks/pdflatexmkrc

as an argument doesn't work. I tried also -r "~/Library/TeXworks/ 
pdflatexmkrc". And what is the meaning of $fullname?

Maybe that is something that should be in the manual.

2) I am now using Mactex with texlive2009, updated by TeX Live  
Utility. My copy of TeXworks is in its default location /Applications/ 
TeX/TeXworks.app and has been overwritten by mactex2009. I am using  
now r352 again. Will the update in the future be done via TexLive/ 
tlmgr? Couldn't this be an idea for the updates, then? Let tlmgr do  
the work?

Should I continue to send this kind of feedback?


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