[texworks] Some remarks regarding TeXworks on Mac OS X

David Perry hospes.primus at verizon.net
Thu Jul 30 16:25:11 CEST 2009

Jonathan Kew wrote:

>> 4. a keyboard shortcut as supplement  to the toolbar button "Stop 
>> process" (replaces the typeset button when typesetting is active)
>> (then I don't have to leave  the keyboard after doing Command+T)
> Actually, Command-T will do this, as the action is toggled between 
> "Typeset" and "Interrupt", though I don't think the menu item actually 
> changes at the moment. But also, I'm not happy with this, as it's too 
> easy to hit it by accident, so expect it to change at some point.

Hmm.  Since clicking on the typesetting button (which has changed from 
green to red) while the process is running stops the process, I think it 
is logical to keep the Ctrl-T as a toggle; no matter which way one 
starts typesetting, the same method works to interrupt it.  Normally a 
user doesn't enter new material while typesetting is going on, so I 
don't see  Ctrl-T being "too easy to hit" as really a problem (not that 
it's all that easy to hit by accident anyway).

My two cents' worth -- David

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