[texworks] New version 302/303

Alain Delmotte alain.delmotte at leliseron.org
Tue Jun 2 21:49:00 CEST 2009


I updated my collection of files for the source of TeXworks (302/303) 
and compiled it (net yet on my website).

Some new warnings during compilation.

But more important: the "defaulbinpaths" in "texworks-setup.ini" doesn't 
I suppressed the information in TeXworks 
Edition/Preferences/Typesetting, I do have
defaultbinpaths = C:/Program Files/MiKTeX 2.7/miktex/bin
in texworks-setup.ini (with the information for inipath and libpath -- 
they work).
Trying to typeset gives the error:
"The program xelatex.exe was not fount.
Check the configuration of the xelatex tool and the parameters in the 
Preferences dialog box"

Thanks for the new version,


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