[texworks] Errors during compilation

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Mar 12 00:30:49 CET 2009

    >> Further anything about the problem raised by Akira Kakuto?
    >> (Re: [texworks] pre-release snapshots, 28/02/2009
    >> 18:02,<200902281702.n1SH2GCj029680 at jupiter>)
    > Sorry, I don't seem to have gotten this message. I don't see it on the
    > mailing list archives, either, but maybe I'm blind ;).

    Odd; I received it. Haven't checked the archives.

I don't seem to have this message in any of my various personal archives
(I don't see it in the list archives either).  Can someone send me the
message, ideally with all mail headers, so I can see if something is
going wrong?  Perhaps Akira only sent the message to individuals?

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