[texworks] %!TEX root =

Jonathan Kew jonathan at jfkew.plus.com
Thu Jan 1 19:55:32 CET 2009

On 1 Jan 2009, at 18:48, Joseph Wright wrote:

> Hello all,
> Does the %!TEX root = <whatever> comment work in TeXworks?  My testing
> seems to fail, and I can't see it in a quick search of the source,  
> either.

It's supposed to work. (See the function  
TeXDocument::findRootFilePath(). It uses a regexp to allow flexibility  
about spacing, perhaps that's why you didn't find it with a simple  

AFAIK this has been working for others, so if it's not working for  
you, please try to come up with a precise example scenario that we can  


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