[texshop] Experimental TeXShop 4.22

Richard Koch koch at uoregon.edu
Sun Dec 30 02:44:23 CET 2018


An experimental version of TeXShop 4.22 is available at


This version is mainly about the typesetting bug which causes typesetting tasks to
quit in the middle without reason. Please read the Changes document for 4.22 in the
TeXShop Help Menu for details. Note that this version has

	a) a primitive workaround when the bug occurs

	b) extensive log information about the bug for Apple's Console App

	c) a possible fix (don't get your hopes up)

This is New Years and I don't expect folks to test over the Holidays. I certainly recommend
keeping 4.21 around if you download 4.22. There's no rush, since this bug looks like an annoyance
which may remain for a while.

Dick Koch

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