[texshop] Thanks to Stephen, Bruno, and Herbert

Richard Koch koch at uoregon.edu
Mon Dec 3 02:35:06 CET 2018

I don't like to read bug reports, and my replies can be curt when they arrive at inopportune times. My friends persist anyway. Thanks to the three of you, my copy of TeXShop is better this evening than it was this morning. But I won't release this version for at least a week
in case other errors crop up.

The bug pointed out by Stephen is fixed in my sources, so if users turn on the three new spelling preferences, the syntax coloring will be correct. I usually test in light mode, where coloring of braces and brackets is hard to see. Stephen uses dark mode, and then brace or bracket coloring errors stick out like a sore thumb.

Herbert warned me before the 4.18 release that new features shouldn't appear unexpectedly. Bruno, whose advice is always right on track, recalled this lesson as well.  I took this advice before the 4.18 release, but forgot to warn beta testers. 

The Changes document has one bad word, which both Herb and I caught too late. It is also fixed in my sources.

Many thanks to all users who persist in spite of my curt answers.

Dick Koch

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