Nov22 TUG news: Halloween, TUGboat, meetings, accessibility, CTAN

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Thu Nov 3 22:52:46 CET 2022

Dear TeXers,

2022 is quickly winding down.  If you accessed CTAN on Halloween you
might see the scary costume the site puts on every year.  If you did
not, wait for the next year (no, I will not publish a spoiler).  If
you want to keep with the spirit of the holiday, try Halloween math
from to scare the readers of
your equations---unless you consider this year scary enough already.

The current issue of TUGboat (43:3) is with the printers. We are happily
accepting submissions for the next issue (44:1). Info for authors:

There are two online meetings in November, both on November 19:
TeXConf 2022 (Japan),,
and DANTE,

Jonathan Fine asked me to include in the newsletter a notice about a
special TeX Hour on Thursday 1 December, 6:30 to 8:30pm BST (UK time)
about accessibility of STEM documents.  This meeting/workshop/panel
discussion will last for two hours and include Jonathan Godfrey, a
senior lecturer in Statistics, who is also blind.

In other news, LaTeX 2022-11-01 is released and propagating through
CTAN mirrors.  Among other interesting features, it has the new
key/value mechanism that first appeared in the September pre-release.
Check ltnews36 in the distribution, or it will appear here soon:

New CTAN packages in October:

- beamertheme-simpleplus, a simple and clean theme for LaTeX beamer;
- coolfn, typeset long legal footnotes;
- cooperhewitt, LaTeX, pdfLaTeX, XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX support for the
  Cooper Hewitt family of sans serif fonts;
- ctan-bibdata, bibliography data for all CTAN packages;
- docshots, TeX samples next to their PDF snapshots in .dtx files;
- eolang, write formulas and graphs for the EO programming language;
- gitstatus, a package that allows to include information about a
  git repository into a document via watermark or variables;
- hep-reference, adjustments for publications in High Energy Physics;
- heros-otf, using the OpenType fonts TeX Gyre Heros;
- huaz, automatic Hungarian definite articles;
- japanese-mathformulas, xbasic math formulas in Japanese using LuaLaTeX;
- jeuxcartes, macros to insert playing cards;
- luaoptions, option handling for LuaLaTeX packages;
- mathtrip, a trip to the wonderful world of mathematics;
- pagella-otf, using the OpenType fonts TeX Gyre Pagella;
- pangram, a LaTeX package for testing fonts;
- pgf-periodictable, create custom periodic tables of elements;
- schola-otf, using the OpenType fonts TeX Gyre Schola;
- termes-otf, using the OpenType fonts TeX Gyre Termes;
- unigrazpub, LaTeX templates for University of Graz
  Library Publishing Services.

Happy TeXing!

Boris Veytsman, TUG President

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