citing CTAN packages - neither TooBib nor Zotero could come up with more than a title :)

Ulrike Fischer news3 at
Fri Mar 25 12:56:53 CET 2022

Am Fri, 25 Mar 2022 07:46:30 -0400 schrieb Mike Marchywka:

>> url = {},
>> urldate = {2022-03-25},
>> date = {},
>> version = {1.5},
>> }
> Wouldn't it be just as easy to put this on the web page

If "the web page" means a ctan package overview: there is a feedback
button where you can make suggestions to improve the pages. 

> and embedded in the documentation PDF?

What is in the documentation PDF is up to the author of the package
and not something ctan can change or influence. They only manage the
ctan catalog with the entries they get at package uploads.

Ulrike Fischer

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