citing CTAN packages - neither TooBib nor Zotero could come up with more than a title :)

Mike Marchywka marchywka at
Fri Mar 25 09:01:31 CET 2022

On Fri, Mar 25, 2022 at 07:40:32AM +0000, David Carlisle wrote:
>    On Fri, 25 Mar 2022 at 00:30, Mike Marchywka <[mailto:marchywka at]marchywka at> wrote:
>      I'm putting together another set of notes and wanted
>      to credit mol2chemfig,
>      []
>      for some of the illustrations. Both TooBib and Zotero
>      just returned basically a title but
>      yet there is authoer and version and date
>      info there and in the PDF documentation file.
>      Is there no interest in making it easy to
>      credit this work by making this machine readable?
>    JSON:
>    []
>    XML:
>    []
>    are probably what you are looking for?

Thanks, how did you find them ?  I did not see any links right away although I 
did not search real long. It will take some code to accomodate but
the info looks liek it is there. 

>    David
>      I have found that besides academic
>      publishers even popular news sites and many
>      commercial sites make it possible to
>      come up with decent bibtex entries
>      using at least TooBib and sometimes Zotero.
>      Isn't this a desirable feature for web
>      pages and manuals or documentation or
>      just about any PDF file?
>      I have proposed my 20 or so line solution
>      for TeX documents and I would
>      imagine most web site templates include
>      stuff like that lets Zotero and
>      TooBib work.
>      What is the real tradeoff here? Just
>      no demand? It just seems like an easy feature
>      to add and would maybe encourage others
>      to make their work easy to credit
>      or condemn :)
>      Just my crusade de jour fwiw.
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