MARC/METS/MODS and XML bibtex sources, any support for these?

Mike Marchywka marchywka at
Sun Mar 20 23:33:30 CET 2022

For whatever reason, theses seem to be a huge problem.
Everyone has an eccentric scheme it seems although I can
now handle a lot of digital commons stuff. I ran
into this recently which has links for MODS/MARC etc
which seem to have something to do with loc,

Zotero apparently did not use those, 

	title = {Uf digital collections},
	url = {},
	urldate = {2022-03-20},

Since I already have JATS support in TooBib,
thanks to comment here before,
it is easy to pick these up and I'm doing that
now. Curious about history and prognosis though for 
XML as it seems most places are going to JSON
formats.  From some of the dates these things look like
they have been used for at least a decade. 



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