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Norbert Preining norbert at
Sat Jun 18 16:36:28 CEST 2022

Hi Nur,

> I read that Texlive would be a good choice. I use windows 10 on a laptop.
> As suggested, I install from the internet. I didn't expect it. It was a big

but ...

> Warning: conflicting [pdf]tex program found on the system path in
> C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.9\miktex\bin\x64\; not fixable in user mode.

You have installed MiKTeX system wide, and now try to install TeX Live
for the current user only. This does not work.

If you **really** want both installed, you need to run install-tl as

> TLPDB::_install_data: downloading did not succeed (download_file failed)
> for

But it seems that it has successfully installed on second try, so
nothing to worry.

> Later on, I thought that I might not have installed Texlive to be
> functioning.
> So, I enter the C:\texlive directory and run        *install-tl-windows.bat*
> I direct it to install to  *C:\texlive2*, carry out advanced install {only
> english and german, some graphics, (total expected to be about 5giga), and
> choose mirror from singapore  (unpad seems to have a problem).
> But, installation could not proceed!!  On display was the following:
> [install-tl-windows.bat
> Installing to: C:/texliv2/2022
> Undefined subroutine &TeXLive::TLUtils::expand_tilde called at
> C:/texlive/2022/install-tl line 1014, <STDIN> line 477.]

That is **really** strange, and I am not really clear how that has
happened, in particular because your explanations are not clear what you
have actually done.

To give you a bit of context:
- the installer package you downloaded contains the newest code as in
  the repo, and in included TeXLive::TLUtils::expand_tilde
- what is actually installed contains a vetted and properly released
  version ot the TeX Live Perl utils, which does NOT at the moment
  contain TeXLive::TLUtils::expand_tilde
- You should NOT be able to MIX the two variants unless you do some
  really interesting invocations

> What did I do wrong? What should I do to install Texlive properly? Can I
> use Texlive on Win10?

Many things:
- You have MikTeX installed for all users (system-wide) and then tried
  to install TeX Live only for the current user
- reinstallation with "install-tl" are not supported, please use tlmgr

All the best


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