adding a field to citation links, how would this work in bst or CSL?

Mike Marchywka marchywka at
Sat Jun 18 15:23:11 CEST 2022

Trying to explore limits of biblio specific languages here. 

As I indicated in earlier email, I was playing around with the bibliography
entries to achieve two objectives. One was making a bill-of-materials
or similar list. A separate but related objective was to make
the links indicate the document of origin to allow crediting
the works more easily as click sources. The easiest way
to do the latter AFAICT is just add a latex command to the query
string and then it is "constant" for all documents that use the
citation as long as the command is defined in the document. In theory
this could just be done in the bibtex entry and as it may confuse
some servers there needs to be a way to avoid it selectively.

   \href {\mjmbib}

I define a document specific "mjmbib" which you can find in the bbl
blocks below. Curious if this is easy in bst or CSL. 

Right now this tries to include every link in the bibtex entry
and duplicate detection is too literal :) I can eventually code
arbitrary link sorting in c++ but not sure how that works in a 
biblio specific thing without a lot of really idiosyncratic

{\bf Bellinge , Jamie W. and Dalgaard , Frederik and Murray , Kevin and Connoll
y , Emma and Blekkenhorst , Lauren C. and Bondonno , Catherine P. and Lewis , J
oshua R. and Sim , Marc and Croft , Kevin D. and Gislason , Gunnar and TorpPede
rsen , Christian and Tjonneland , Anne and Overvad , Kim and Hodgson , Jonathan
 M. and Schultz , Carl and Bondonno , Nicola P.}. 
\newblock {Vitamin K Intake and Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease in the D
anish Diet Cancer and Health Study}
\newblock {Journal of the American Heart Association}  (2021)
   \href {\mjmbib}
   \href {\
   \href {\mjmb


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