lualatex vs pdflatex- char encoding issue not fixed by suggestions found in CTAN etc

Ulrike Fischer news3 at
Thu Feb 17 10:55:18 CET 2022

Am Wed, 16 Feb 2022 18:29:02 -0500 schrieb Mike Marchywka:

> I recently changed my default builds from pdflatex to lualatex
> and now the foreign chars are creating cryptic failure modes.

Well it would help if you would mention the actual error (and would
show a concrete example)

> When I finally figured it out, neither of these suggestions
> seemed to help.

> \usepackage[OT1]{fontenc}
> \usepackage{luaninputenc}

Do not use fontenc (OT1 or T1) with lualatex. 
Do not use luainputenc.

Encode your files in utf8 or use pure ascii.

With a current latex this here should work out of the box with an
utf8 encoded file: 


If you are using bibtex: be aware that it isn't utf8 aware and that
won't change if you use lualatex. It can't for example create
initials from names starting with cyrillic or accented chars. 
If you want to use lots of utf8 inside bib files use biblatex +

Ulrike Fischer

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