lualatex vs pdflatex- char encoding issue not fixed by suggestions found in CTAN etc

Mike Marchywka marchywka at
Thu Feb 17 00:29:02 CET 2022

I recently changed my default builds from pdflatex to lualatex
and now the foreign chars are creating cryptic failure modes.
When I finally figured it out, neither of these suggestions
seemed to help.


I finally just changed the odd things to nearest ASCII equivalents
although I guess there may be latex commands to typset the character
but that does not help for searching within the bibtex files
based on author names...

In vi they looked either normal or had the "<90>" syntax for
unknowns. I did not bother with od or looking at hex some other way.

I just wronte some code to write a bbl file based on the aux output
and the bib files. It seemed to work- I could get pdflatex to run
with the home brew bbl file and appropriately formatted
biblio entries but not sure if there are existing programs
for creating the bbl files. I do not know how to write
a bst file and thought this gives me more chances to fix problems
are they come up for bomtex or related specialtry formats.



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