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Tue Feb 8 06:50:31 CET 2022

I must disagree as well Oliver, but for different reasons than Phillip.

First to see that MathJax *is* different from TeX you could browse the
sources. MathJax is Open Source:

It does use a few algorithms and techniques that are in the original TeX,
and it mimic the original display of formulas awfully close, but if you
build a display using the same fonts, and specially if you use
enlargements, you can see the differences.

Now to believe that TeX can't process MathML is just plain incorrect. It
may not be the best language to do so, but in order to use it you just need
the appropriate macro and package set

If you choose ConTeXt and the "mathml" module and you can process results
immediately, as seen here:

Paulo Ney

On Sat, Feb 5, 2022 at 9:07 AM Philip Taylor (Hellenic Institute) <
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> Olivier Nicole wrote:
> [...] I simply used this as an argument to say that it stands to reason
> that the implementation of MathJax must be different from that of TeX,
> since it has to support a different set of primitive constructs.
> I respectfully disagree.  Which is not to suggest that I believe that the
> implementation of MathJax is necessarily the same as that of TeX (I have no
> idea whether it is or not), merely that I challenge the assertions on which
> I believe your argument to is based.
> For a start, why do you assert that "[MathJax] has to support a different
> set of primitive constructs" ?  Why must they be *primitive* constructs
> ?  If MathJax were/is the same as that of TeX, then those constructs could
> be handled by a format file.
> As to "the MathML specification describes a few mathematical elements
> that, in (La)TeX, would require to use a dedicated package", there would be
> no requirement for "a dedicated package" at all — a competent (La)TeX
> programmer could write code to handle those elements without needing any
> extra package(s).
> The defence rests.
> --
> *Philip Taylor*
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