Unable to Uninstall TeX Live 2021 on Windows 10

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Thanks for your reply, Philip.

Well, unfortunately I can't find TeX Live 2021 in control panel.

When installed it, I toggled "Portable setup" on installer, and that made options including "Adjust searchpath" and "Desktop integration" grey. I think this is the reason I didn't find TeX Live in control panel and environment PATH.

I'm wondering if an uninst.bat file from others could solve this problem?

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    On 06/02/2022 15:54, 软信1802-王瀚锐 via       texhax wrote :
                                        I’m writing to ask           how to uninstall the whole TeX Live 2021 when there is no           uninst.bat file in installation directory.         
I installed TeX Live             2021 via ISO image (double-clicking install-tl-windows.bat             file) on Windows 10 today. Due to some reason, I want to             uninstall the whole TeX Live 2021 and re-install it, but I             couldn’t find the uninst.bat file in             “<texlive_root>\tlpkg\installer” directory.
Could you please tell me             what to do to clean it all, so that I can re-install it with             no extra concerns?

Under WIndows 7 (I do not use WIndows 10), Start / Control Panel       / Programs and Features / TeX Live 2021 / Uninstall.
       Philip Taylor
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