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Tue Dec 6 00:10:20 CET 2022

Dear TeXers

This is the last month of 2022.  A difficult year for many of us.
December celebrations coincide with the season of charitable giving;
I hope you would not forget those who are now in the need of your
help---especially those without power, heat and water.

Among the most important news of the month for TUG is that the Board has
decided to have an in-person meeting in 2023---the first one since the
COVID pandemic started. The conference is scheduled for July 14 to July 16
(Fri-Sun), 2023, in Bonn, Germany. The preliminary information is at We plan to include streaming and virtual
options; the details will be published later. Many thanks to Gert
Fischer, who is making this possible.

2023 is an election year. The rules and dates have been announced by the
Election Committee and the notice and nomination form can be found at If you want to serve the community, this
might be your opportunity.

In the last newsletter I mentioned the new release of LaTeX.  In
November, Patch Level 1 was published by the LaTeX3 project.

Two conferences took place in November: TeXConf 2022 (Japan) and
the DANTE meeting 2022.

In other news, History of Desktop Publishing by Frank Romano was
awarded Honourable Mention by the Jury of the 18th ILAB Breslauer
Prize for Bibliography.  This book was reviewed for TUGboat by our
late friend and TeXer Dave Walden, so it is a good occasion to reread
his article:

On a related front, just last month, Frank Romano had a conversation
with famous type designer Matthew Carter at the Museum of Printing. It's
available online (in three parts) at

Also, the MoP is looking for additional YouTube subscribers, so if
you're interested, please check them out -- lots of overlap between the
MoP and various TeX/typographical topics. Their home page:

New packages on CTAN in November:
- crossrefenum, smart typesetting of enumerated cross-references for
  various TeX formats;
- cvss, compute and display CVSS (vulnerability) base scores;
- euler-math, OpenType version of Hermann Zapf's Euler math font;
- hershey-mp, MetaPost support for the Hershey font file format;
- hwemoji, Unicode emoji support for pdfLaTeX with sequences;
- lgrmath, use LGR-encoded fonts in math mode;
- luacas, a computer algebra system for users of LuaLaTeX;
- songproj, generate Beamer slideshows with song lyrics;
- unimath-plain-xetex, OpenType math support in (plain) XeTeX.

Happy TeXing and best wishes for the holidays!

Boris Veytsman, TUG President

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