how active are Zotero users? Their forum looks pretty sparse .

Mike Marchywka marchywka at
Fri Apr 22 12:20:01 CEST 2022

I tried posting here a few days ago but as of now my post
has not made it past the moderator and activity
looks very light,

are there other foums on Zotero or similar tools as a group?
If you read their site and wikipedia article, it
sounds like they can extract citations from PDF files
but yet their web form fails every single time AFAICT.
Closer reading of the wikipedia article however
may  not explicitly say they can extract citation
info just manage the files. 
The main question of my post was how well the web form
represents the capabilities of Zotero. If you need
to use the browser pluging that may get in the way
of automation which is a design goal with TooBib.
Headless chrome was a toss up but easier than
trying to find something else that could do the SSL
junk for picky sites and now some look for javascript etc. 

It looks like they got their start in 2006 with some
funding early on. They show a lot of GUI and organizational
tools but pesonally I'm looking for extraction capability
and from what I have seen so far TooBib does well there.



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