Some thoughts on a ground-up remake of LaTeX

Don Hosek don.hosek at
Sat Nov 6 07:20:15 CET 2021

For those who’ve missed the introduction to my finl project (which is slowly coming along but has little practical application yet), the half-baked original manifesto is here: <>

I’m in the midst of writing the scanner/tokenizer right now and thinking about command arguments. Since I’m eschewing the TeX engine on this, I can treat LaTeX-style commands and all their various arguments as first-class entities. This is a second-draft set of thoughts on command parameters. Each parameter has a format and a type. Formats indicate things like whether it’s a required argument or optional argument, types indicate what’s in the argument (e.g., verbatim text, parsed tokens, math, special types like key-value lists, etc.).

I’d love to get feedback from anyone who cares to delve into my ramblings.

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