tpic specials

Bob Tennent rdtennent at
Sat May 15 08:12:54 CEST 2021

The musixtex add-on musixvbm.tex replaces font-based beams
by vectorized beams using (for dvi output) tpic specials.
For example, here is a typical sequence of tpic specials,
obtained using dviasm:

          xxx: 'sh 1'
          xxx: 'pa 0 34'
          xxx: 'pa 1012 34'
          xxx: 'pa 1012 1'
          xxx: 'pa 0 1'
          xxx: 'pa 0 34'
          xxx: 'ip'

These tpic specials at least seem to be supported by dvips
and dvipdfm, but not by any dvi viewer known to me (xdvi,
yap, okular). Are there any dvi viewers that support (at
least) these tpic specials?

Tpic specials are said to be "standard" but I've been unable
to find any documentation. Where can I find it?

Bob T.

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