Using fonts from the LaTeX Font Catalogue

Bob Tennent rdtennent at
Fri May 7 15:21:32 CEST 2021

 >|Poiret One:
 >|!pdfTeX error: pdflatex (file PoiretOne-Bold-lf-t1--base): Font
 >|PoiretOne-Bold-lf-t1--base at 657 not found
 >| ==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!

It seems that hasn't been activated by
texlive. This should be reported to the texlive mail list or
directly to Karl Berry.

 >|! I can't find file `T1fmv.fd'.
 >|l.10 \input T1fmv.fd

That file is in the malvern archive at CTAN. Presumably you
did not install the package properly.

 >|11 of them give a "Metric (TFM) file not found":
 >|Some of them are reported AS part of TeXLive and some as NOT part of

How can anyone analyze these issues if you don't provide the
tex files that caused them?

 >|19 of them are missing 8 style files: antiqua.sty, covfonts.sty,
 >|emerald.sty, oesch.sty, Play.sty, pvscript.sty, twcal.sty, vicent.sty.

Please explain what "missing" means. Missing from CTAN,
missing from the archive downloaded from CTAN, missing from
your system after installation, etc.  If a package isn't
in texlive, *you* are responsible for installing it.  

 >|webster.tex         ---> All of these from a single package: {emerald}

Those files are not at CTAN. Why do you think they should be
on your system? As I had already pointed out to you, there
are some minor issues with the installation instructions,
but failure to provide non-existent files isn't one of them.

Your list is mostly useless. You don't provide tex examples
that cause supposed errors and it's impossible to know
whether you've followed the installation procedures

I stronly suggest you avoid trying to use packages not
in TeXLive until you become more knowledgeable with
installation procedures. Perhaps the Font Catalogue should
mark these packages as "for experts only".

Bob Tennent

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