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Was: Re: crediting contributions to a work- people or things like
photographs. What tools do people use?

Hi Mike

You wrote:

I have also been working on a script, now a c++ program that invokes mostly
> bash utilities called TooBib , to generate a bibtex entry from just about
> any url ( right now this just works with journal articles and similar).

It seems that, via, already
provides this or similar functionality (and much more besides).

For example I pasted into
In Export I then chose Download BibTeX from the dropdown menu. This gave me

title = {Klein's ten planar dessins of degree 11, and beyond},
url = {},
abstract = {We reinterpret ideas in Klein's paper on transformations [snip]
arise as permutation groups and monodromy groups of degree \$p\$ (an open
problem in group theory).},
urldate = {2021-05-05},
journal = {arXiv:2104.12015 [math]},
author = {Jones, Gareth A. and Zvonkin, Alexander K.},
month = apr,
year = {2021},
note = {arXiv: 2104.12015},
keywords = {Mathematics - Group Theory, Mathematics - Algebraic Geometry,
Mathematics - Number Theory, 05C10, 11G32, 11N13, 11N32, 14H57, 20B20,

It also gave me, via Link to this version, a permanent link to this
bibliography item:

By the way, I found you tooBib technical report on (registration required to

with best regards

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